Close to the heart.


These last few weeks have been hell and I’ve had to visit more hospitals than I have in my life.

I won’t go into details of either incident but all I can say is thank god for the NHS. This is one of the most vital institutions to protect and they can only be protected with a Yes vote.

I might…

On Top of That


Who owns your blood?

"Well me, of course"

What if you donate blood?

"Well the hospital"

Sadly that’s wrong. Westminster sold the blood transfusion part of the NHS to the man who ran against Barack O’Bama, Mitt Romney. This means the plasma in your blood is his unless the NHS buys it back in…

"We are one voice, one heart, one soul, once we set that goal… You know we’re gonna score.”

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Noel Gallagher on gigs being better than drugs @ Gurten Festival, 2002.

Ever since I met them, there’s never been another group of people I’d rather hang out with. Unless it involved an orgy.
Nick Valensi, commenting on the members of The Strokes. (via yokohamalovers)

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